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For rainy or snowy day fun, check out the internet links for children.

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Belle the dog
See photos from the Children’s Room at Highland Park Public Library.

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Tova Halpern
On December 10 at 3:30 pm Tova Halpern will involve children 6 months-5 years in creative movement and drama. Learn more.

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Highland Park Public Library children display in December 2014
This month’s display case features rocks collected by Ariella Beyer, a student at Bartle School. Inspired by her dad, Ariella has been collecting rocks since she was four years old. She and her sister, Eliana found much of her collection in Highland Park, Rutgers Gardens and Hacklebarney State Park in Chester, NJ. Eliana contributed five rocks to this display. The girls are very thankful to Joe the Mad Scientist from New Brunswick who taught them many cool facts about the rocks they discovered.

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Children’s Librarian: Fran Lee