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For rainy or snowy day fun, check out the internet links for children.

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Belle the dog
See photos from the Children’s Room at Highland Park Public Library.

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pumpkin watercolor by Leora

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Luke Callan is a Star Wars fan. He has seen every movie and collects Star Wars action figures. His favorite character who has the same first name is Luke Skywalker.

Luke’s display is a collection of light sabers created by him from everyday materials and broken sabers he has played with. Light sabers are used by the Jedi knights in battle. Real light saber blades are 4 foot, 2 inches long with handles that measure 1 foot. The electricity and energy that is produced by a light saber can cut through everything. Luke’s creations are unique. They are of various sizes but pack the same punch as real light sabers.

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Children’s Librarian: Fran Lee