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For rainy or snowy day fun, check out the internet links for children.

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Belle the dog
See photos from the Children’s Room at Highland Park Public Library.

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This month’s display case features Shopkins collected by Dalia Mitzner. Shopkins are small objects of everyday things that have been given names and personalities. For example there is a tiny bagel called Billy Bagel and a birthday cake named Birthday Betty. Shopkins can be bought anywhere toys are sold and have different ratings such as rare, ultra rare, common, limited edition and special edition. Besides collecting and trading these adorable miniatures, Dalia and her friends play imaginative games with them. Of all her Shopkins, Dalia especially likes Callie Calculator which if you haven’t guessed it by now is a teeny purple calculator wearing glasses. Click image to view larger.

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Children’s Librarian: Fran Lee