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Mail-In Donation Form

Every contribution makes a difference!

The Library circulates thousands of books, films and music CD's for all ages each week. Your charitable donation will help us bring new items to everyone and support popular programs.

To contribute to the Highland Park Public Library, please make your check payable to the
Highland Park Public Library, 31 North 5th Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 08904.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Patrons' names will be listed on the Highland Park Public Library Contributors page.




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Anywhere support is most needed

Please contact us if you decide to transfer shares of stock to the Highland Park Library. Our Director, Jane Stanley, would be happy to discuss a major donation with you, and you may contact her at 732-572-2750.

Memorial or Tribute Bookplates and Cards

Honor the memory of a loved one, pay tribute to family or friends, or celebrate a special occasion by donating to the Highland Park Public Library. For a minimum of $25 donation, your gift will be recognized with a personalized bookplate. A card will be mailed to a recipient of your choice letting him or her know of your gift.
I would like to make a donation in
memory of honor of
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Please send the donation acknowlegement card to


Address __________________________________________________

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Thank you for your support!