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January 2010 to Present

Major Donors

Friends of the Highland Park Library

Friends of the Highland Park Library
Elizabeth Weinstein, Steve, Lydia and Nathanial Shahan in memory of Bea Susman
Dr. Alvin and Joyce Glasgold
Jeanne Kolva
Main Street Highland Park
Steven, Linda and Liam Roth in memory of Jill Bernstein Welsh and Melvin Taylor
Nancy and Jeff Teumer in memory of Bea Susman

Sponsors of Library Programs & Fundraisers

Donors of $500 or more

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Susan Marchand in memory of Bea Susman
Roger and Joyce Nussbaum
James and Diane Reed
Susan Roth in honor of Taran Roth and Aysia Lee
Dr. David Swee in memory of Karen Swee

Donors of $100 - $500

Mary Ann and Steven Allard
Erika Arenger in honor of Miller Buttles
Maria Beck
Benjamin Beede
Mindy and Seth Berman
Poldi Binder and Misha Basalaev
Barbara Bretcko and Daniel Goldbaltt
Debra Burns in the names of Tom Malloy, Kathleen Bennett and Kate Malloy
William Burns in memory of Bea Susman
Bruce Bush
Premala Chandra
Deborah and Cary Cherniss in honor of Julie and Howard Green
Deborah and Cary Cherniss in honor of Charlotte Wright and Graham Staines
Deborah and Cary Cherniss in honor of Michal Feinmesser and Avigdor Orr
Steve Chudnick
Joseph and Carolina Ciorciari
David Copperman and Elissa Rozov
Gene and Hillary Corburn
Susan Curtin and Bruce Weaver
Eric Davis and Donna Serbe-Davis
Rolando and Molly de Aguiar
Rosa de Aguiar
Gregory Deatz
Frank and Louise Deis
Michael Diener and Lisa Bennett
Dr. David Ehrenfeld
Jon Erickson and Anne Sherber
Arthur and Jane Factor
Morton and Lois Farrah in honor of Deborah & Jamin Spitzer
James J. Farrell
Michal Feinmesser and Avigdor Orr
Carl Pray and Mary Forsberg
Constance and William Fortenbaugh
Phyllis H. Freedman
Betty Turock and Gustav Friedrich
Nancy Gardner in memory of Bea Susman
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
David Glanz and Deborah Rebhuhn
Roe Goodman
Michael and Gwendolyn Greenberg
Norma Greenfield
Patricia Hamilton
Highland Park Artists Collective
Dorothy Hodgson and Rick Schroeder
Richard and Maryann Isaacs
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Michael Juliar and Susan Albin
Albert and Loretta Kislin
Robert and Helene Knee
Nancy Kranich and Jorge Schement
Suzanne and Eric Krebs
Roberta Kressel
Mark and Nora Krieger
Christine Kulikowski
Sanford Landa
Mitchell and Linda Landis
Rabbi Eric and Jeanne Lankin
Suzanne Lebsock
Steve and Judy Legenhausen
Barry and Marcia Levinson
Jill Lichtenstadter
Steven Lipstein
Leo Littman
Amy Livingston and Brian Hudson
Marc and Ellen Mappen
Dr. Jose and Mrs. Danielle Marin
Larry and Elizabeth McCandlish
Dr. Claire R. McInerney
Peter Mickulas
Lynn and Arthur Miller in memory of Ruth and Bob Milch
Beth Angell and Andrew Murphy
Sandford Osband in memory of Bea Susman
Abraham Osofsky
Richard and Kathleen Pace
Barbara and Larry Pargot
George and Cheryl Pedersen
Alison Politziner
Gerald and Marlene Pomper
Frank and Deborah Popper
Charlotte Quaintance
Rose Reiss
Dr. Norman Reitman
Peter and Deborah Richman
Edward and Michele Rockoff
Jean and Larry Romsted
Richard and Barbara Ross
Susan Roth in memory of Barbara A. Harned
Ronald Sauers
Pamela Scheinman
The Schickner Family in memory of Ella Kady
The Schickner Family in memory of Tony Morra
Lynn Rebarber Sherman and Barry Sherman
Dr. Joseph Sherr
Irene M. Silos
Harvey Singer and OLLI-RU group
Beth Stevens
Ulrich and Elaine Strauss
Henry and Rebecca Strub
Jian Tang and Ping Yang in memory of Bea Susman
Judith Targove
Nikki Y. Taussig
Steven and Lila Teitelbaum
Aaron Todd
H. Barbara Tokar
John and Amy Vames
Charles Vevier in memory of Bea Susman
Billie Jo Walker
Marlie Wasserman
Tina Weishaus
Aaron Epstein and Leora Wenger
Ellen White
Leigh and Suzie Wise
Diana Gonzales Gandolfi and Daniel B. Wolfson

Donors of under $100

Jeffrey and Gail Aaron
Bethann Albert
Eleanor Altman
Paula Antebi
Lora Arkin in honor of Mrs. Ina Nelson
Pat Babinsky in memory of Bea Susman
Sam and Joan Baily in memory of Bea Susman
Janice Ballou
Irene Balsam
Frances Barboza-Clark
William Barcham
Susan Baron
Haim and Rosanne Baruh
Leah Beardsley
Anna Beck
Karen Becker and Mark Botton
Dr. Robert G. Berkowitz
Muriel Berman
Bernice Bernstein
Rita Bettenbender in memory of Mary Anne Storck
Ruth Bickhardt
Ruth Bittker in memory of Bea Susman
Howard and Rena Blau
Ellen Blumberg in memory of Bea Susman
William Bonner
Susan Boruchoff
Michael Brailove
Irene Brecher and Joshua Haimson
Herman Breitkopf
Anne Marie Brockett and William Carr
Kristin Broggi
Dr. Helen Brudner
Michael Buchman
Catherine Bull
Richard Burke and Eileen Chant
Barbara and Malcolm Busch
Terence Butler
Sheila Callahan and Ken Clay in memory of Joyce Weinberg
Jose Camacho
Iola and Philip Caplan
Carmen and Gwen Cerasoli
Anthony Charanis
Doug Liebau and Carol Church
Muriel Clawans in memory of Bea Susman
Gladys Cohen
Patrick and Marcia Colby
Colgate-Palmolive Matching Gifts Program
Elysha Conrad
Martin Cordon
Penelope de la Cruz
Edith Desposito
Max Dienemann in memory of Joyce Weinberg
Jerome Langer and Pamela Dorman
Susan and Lowell Edmunds
Maurice and Ellen Elias
Janet Emhoff
Bette Marie Epstein
Arthur and Carol Erickson
Josie Estes
Claudia Farber and Donald Stern
Morton and Lois Farrah in memory of Michael Schocket
Stanley Fessant and Adrienne Eaton
Charles and Juanita Figg
Rita Finstein
Lisa Firgau in memory of Joyce Weinberg
Eileen Firgau
Matthew Fisco
Elsie Foster-Dublin
Lamarr Fowler
Katherine Fox
Jamie Friedman
Samuel and Judith Friedman
Lila Frost and Glass Family
Dr. Laura Arens-Fuerstein and Mark Fuerstein
Meredith Gard
Theo Gard-Wise
Marc and Joan Gartenberg
Alla Gaydukova in memory of Bea Susman
Judith Gerson
Debra Glassman and Richard Demmin
Bertram Glassner
Fran and Harry Glazer
Tom Glynn in memory of Bea Susman
Marsha Goldberg and Yair Rosenthal
Rachel Golum
Alan and Harriet Gordon
Barbara Gordon and Dena Leiter
Arlene & Alan Granetz and Alan & Stu Meyer in honor of Ann Meltzer
Howard and Julie Green
Howard and Julie Green in honor of Greg Herzog
Howard and Julie Green in memory of Bob Roth
Cynthia Greenberg
Anne and Allan Greenberg
Michael Greene
Gaile Grele
Sarit Kattan and Jonathan Gribetz in honor of Sophie Carmelle Kattan Gribetz
Sarit Kattan and Jonathan Gribetz in honor of Daniela Tikva Kattan Gribetz
Olga Griminger
Seymour Grodstein
Joan and Michael Guetti
Susan Gutwill
John and Regina Heldrich
Elaine Herzog
Arthur Hess
Barnett and Diane Hoffman
Diane B. Hoffman in honor of Nancy and Richard Brail
Diane B. Hoffman in honor of Carol and Steve Lefelt
Frances Hoffman in memory of Bea Susman
Richard Howard
Wendy and Colin Jager
Susan Jakoplic
Ruth Jansyn
Johnson & Johnson matching gift
Hector Juliani
Franco Juricic
Rabbi Eliezer Kaminetzky
Lola Kamp
Beverly Kaplan
Mr. Mark Kaplow and Dr. Rivka Kaplow
Evelyn Katz
Mira Katz-Form in memory of Evelyn Katz
Sandra Kenyon
Brian and Susan Kheel
Margaret Kidell
Cathy Korten in memory of Muriel Jeffrey
Lisa Kulczycki
Victoria Kulikowski
Sophie Kuperman
Paul Lang
Beth L. Leech
Carol and Steven Lefelt
Britt Erika Leggett
John C. Leggett
Alain Leibman and Marlene Zuberman
Ellen Leibowitz and Nancy Lord
Robin Leichenko
Gary and Joyce Leslie
Eli Levenstein and Debra Horrow Levenstein
Ellen Levine and Fred Cole
Ruth and Irwin Levine
Jill Lewis-Spector
Barbara Lewis
Margaret Lewis
Peter Lobel and Diane Heimlich
Ann Lockwood in memory of Bea Susman
Adrienne Machaver
Doris Mahoney in memory of Bea Susman
Marie Makhlina
Katina Mataras
K. Matsoukas and Eric Hargreaves
Gustine Matt
Melanie McDermott
Portia McFadden-Di Nicola
Dorothy McGrath in memory of Bea Susman
Robert Milch
Ruby Miller
Jill Millerand
Richard and Susan Mitnick
Gayle Brill Mittler and Uri Mittler
Sylvia Morett
Martha Moskowitz
Network for Good
Denise Nickel in honor of Beverly DiGaetano
Denise Nickel in honor of Beverly Nickel
Ray Nolan
Katherine Noonan
William and E. Carol O’Neill
Joyce and Philip Orenstein
Richard Padgett
Robert and Ann Parelius
David and Rita Paszamant
Frank and Susan Perger
Martin and Helen Perzan
Kazumi Pestka
Judy Petsonk and Steve Eisdorfer
Meliha Pihura
Gabi Poniz
Gary Potts
Judy Prichason
Hazel Rabinowitz
Ellen Rebarber
Martha Nees Record
Judith Richman
Connie Robshaw in memory of Bea Susman
Joseph Rosenstein
Jennifer Rosner
Judi Ross and Rick Bowman in memory of Ruth and Bob Milch
Euginia Rothstein
Klara Rubleva
Dr. Sharon Ryan
Caia Schlessinger
Martin and Judith Schlissel
Abigail Schoeffler
Jennifer Senick
Shirley Shapiro
Dr. Ora Gourarie and Mr. Udi Shorr
Susan Sidlauskas
Yetta Siegel
Maeve Silverman
Margaret Lugate and David Simen
Karen Smith
Gracemary Smulewitz
Dorothy Snedeker
Lillian Sokoloff in memory of Ruth and Robert Milch
Barbara Spierer in memory of Robert Milch
Ronald Steinwehr
Beth and Tom Stuckey
Amy Sundquist
Harvey and Karen Swaine
William Swift
Rosemary Szegda
Rolf and Heather Thieringer
Earl Preston Thomas
Karen Thompson
Helene Tishler
Camilla Townsend
Tuesday Morning Book Group
Tuesday Morning Book Group in memory of Gladys Cohen
Tonya Tulloch
Dr. Carol Turner
Turner Family
Herbert Wagner
Janet A. Walker
Cynthia Walling
Harvey and Judith Waterman
John and Connie Webster
Dorothy Weinstein
Benjamin Weintraub
Murray and Evelyn Weitzer
Susan Welkovits
Carl and Carol Wilson
Charolotte Wright
Carla Yanni
Marcelyn Young
Dr. Lewis Zinkin

Other Donations

Ian Fawcett and Bobbie Theivakumaran
Friends of Bill Giacalone
Charlotte Quaintance
Spring Irrigation Co., Inc.
Alfred Strassman
Nancy Szmuriga
Jackson Toby
Coleen Tyler