November 27, 2019

Dear Neighbor, 

        As a long-time resident of our community and former President of the American Library Association, I’m writing to you because our Highland Park Library needs your support. Free public libraries like ours are a cornerstone of democratic culture.  At a time when the value of public institutions is under attack, you can affirm your faith in their power to make a difference in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. Your support of the Highland Park Public Library helps maintain our vital community—a place where people are proud to live and willing to pull together for the common good.

        Last year the library accommodated more than 145,000 unique visits by community members who borrowed over 150,000 resources purchased with the people of Highland Park in mind. But our library isn’t just about collections; it’s also about connections. Your dollars will support a vibrant welcoming public space where people of different generations and backgrounds interact, community groups meet, local artists display their work, parents introduce their children to worlds of wonder, and our continuing upgrades of technology help level the digital playing field for those who would otherwise lack access to today’s electronic information highway.

The dollars you donate today will be multiplied many times over in purchasing print and digital books, audio and video disks and electronic databases to be used over and over again by members of our community and in providing programs and services for all of our residents.

Consider using your tax-deductible donation to honor the memory of a loved one or pay tribute to family and friends. We also welcome major donations to underwrite specific programs or to support library hours and operations.  Give our Director, Jane Stanley, a call at 732-572-2750.  She will be happy to discuss a major donation with you.

For whatever you can contribute, please know you have the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude of the Highland Park community for supporting the unique role the library plays in our civic life.

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Betty J. Turock, Ph.D.

Past President, American Library Association

Professor & Dean Emerita, Rutgers University

School of Communication and Information