Seed Library

Whether you are an experienced gardener, or you want to try gardening for the first time, visit our new Seed Library, in partnership with Raíces Eco-Culture, the Good Earth Community Garden, and Sustainable Highland Park!

How does it work?

  • Anyone can take seed packets. No library card is needed.
  • Each packet has enough seeds for at least 3-5 plants.

What kinds of seeds are available? 

Where did these seeds come from?

  • Some were donated by seed companies, and others were shared by neighbors who saved the seeds from their own gardens!

What does the information on the packet mean?

  1. The kind of plant
  2. The variety name
  3. The year when the seed was harvested

I don’t know how to grow these seeds!

The library can help!

I’d like to donate seeds!

Thank you for sharing seeds with your neighbors! Bring seeds to the library along with the following information for each type of seed:

  1. Plant name
  2. Year seeds were harvested
  3. Phone/Email
  4. Are these heirloom seeds? (optional question)
  5. Are these organic seeds? (optional question)
We cannot accept treated seeds, patented seeds, or seeds protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act.