Art Show by Dr. Indrani Choudhury

Washington Square Park in Philadelphia

A Life Lived Across Continents and Cultures: Art Show

Dr. Indrani Choudhury, born in Calcutta, India, worked as a biomedical research scientist for 25 years beginning in India and continuing in the United States at UNDNJ until she retired in 2005. That year she reconnected to her first passion – painting. For the month of September, Dr. Choudhury is exhibiting at the Highland Park Public Library, 31 North Fifth Avenue. An art reception will be held for the artist on Saturday, September 8 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the meeting room.

In her work she depicts her early life in Calcutta: lively streets, sultry summer afternoons, and family gatherings. She also paints scenes from her adopted home in New Jersey: the auburn shades of fall in her backyard, the blush of cherry blossoms in spring, the loneliness of a suburban morning, the serenity of a deck freshly covered with snow. Her landscapes are inspired by travels through India, Europe and the US.

The wide range of subjects reflects a life lived across continents and cultures.