Birds of Highland Park Exhibit

Kathy Wooding’s obsession with birding and photography all started with a few American goldfinches who were eating her mother’s zinnia flowers in a Highland Park garden. Her obsession has grown since 2009 and now she has a collection of photos that include a Red Tailed Hawk, Bald Eagle, Yellow Warbler, Blue Grey Gnatcatcher, Baltimore Oriole, Great Blue Heron, and more – all shot in Highland Park. An exhibit of Wooding’s photos will be in the Highland Park Public Library from October 1 through October 31.

“We loved the goldfinches so much we put out a bird feeder for them, and they’ve been coming back for six years,” Wooding said. “I started taking walks to Donaldson Park and around a five block radius of the park and discovered so many different species of birds in winter and in spring when they migrate.” According to Wooding, when she started looking for birds she was amazed at how many different species of birds there are right under our noses. “I found myself bringing my camera with me everyday and I even saw a Bald Eagle across the river at Donaldson Park during the month of March.”

To see the large variety of birds living in and visiting the borough, visit the Main Hall Display Case at the Highland Park Public Library in October 2014.

Great Egret, photo by Katy Wooding