Calm Moments: New Water Color Art Cards by Lynne Pitcher

Lynne Pitcher, a long time resident of Highland Park, enjoys living in a town so welcoming to artists. Calm Moments-New Water Color Art Cards by Lynne Pitcher, will be on display in the main hall display case at the Highland Park Public Library from November 1 to November 30, 2017.

“I have always made space in my life for some form of art, beginning as a teenager with lessons in oil at The Baum Art School in Allentown, PA Lynne said. “Throughout the busy years, of raising a family and being involved in business and science, I always had a sketch book handy, especially for trips.”

Years later Lynne picked up art more seriously at Somerset Art School where she worked in pastel, a medium she calls vividly beautiful.

Lately, after retirement and inspired by classes at Olli-RU, the artist has been trying her hand at watercolors. In the past few years she has been doing watercolors on note cards, particularly enjoying the calm moments of being in close company with lovely plants.

“Many of these cards have been shared with family and friends who tell me they enjoy having them, Lynne said. “I hope you will enjoy a few calm moments with them as well.”

Lynne Pitcher watercolor