The Pharmacy Stamp Turns 45: December Library Exhibit

The Pharmacy Stamp Turns 45 is the December 2017 exhibit in the Main Hall Display case at the Highland Park Public Library.

Highland Park resident Daniel Shifrin, a former pharmacist, has arranged this tribute to the 45 year history of this stamp. The Pharmacy Stamp (SC. 147) was issued on November 10, 1972 to honor 100,000 professional men and women pharmacists who serve America. In addition to the many cachet makers who produced Pharmacy FDCs, many firms, pharmaceutical associations, and individuals prepared their own Pharmacy First Day Cover Designs.

A total of 804,421 Pharmacy First Day Covers were cancelled by the Cincinnati Post Office using either hand stamp or machine cancel. To see many of these original stamps and learn more about this history visit the exhibit through the month of December.

Pharmacy stamp

Hundreds of Harmonicas on Display

Miriam Lefkowitz became interested in harmonicas because of her grandfather’s Hohner Echo-Luxe. Her first excursion in to collecting was when she went on eBay and bought her first 40 harmonicas. A few hundred of her favorite harmonicas will be in the Main Hall Display Case of the Highland Park Public Library through October 2017.

Although she tries to limit herself to buying only diatonic Hohner pre– World War II harmonicas, her collection includes harmonicas made in tribute to the Beatles, Babe Ruth and others. If you want to read more about harmonicas and collection , visit her website at


100 Years of Cameras

The Fleetwood Camera Museum of North Plainfield is exhibiting 100 Years of Camera at the Highland Park Public Library from April 1 until April 30, 2017 in the Main Hall Display Case. Watch the decade to decade changes the cameras underwent as they made their way from professionals to eager beginners.

Some of the antique cameras you will be abe to see are: Eastman Kodak box camera ca. 1900, Autographic Camera ca. 1910, Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye Folding camera ca. 1914, Brownie Hawkeye Box Camera 1949 (Moulded Bakelite Body), Agfa Isolette (popular during the 1950s and 60s), Polaroid Folding camera 1955, Minolta 16 sub-miniature spy camera 1972-74, Twin reflex cameras and Single Reflex cameras, and Edward Weston light meter 1935.

Included also is equipment from early photographic processes: a daguerreotype, a tintype, cabinet cards, and cart-des-visites.

Sara Parmigiani from the Fleetwood Camera Museum is curating the show.

100 years of cameras

WCTC Radio and Highland Park: An Exhibit by Highland Park Historian Jeanne Kolva

Seventy years ago a great partnership was formed with Radio Station WCTC and the Borough of Highland Park. In September of 1946 the Highland Board of Adjustments granted permission to the Chanticleer Broadcasting Company to construct both the WCTC antenna and transmitter that still stands in Highland Park near the foot of South Fifth Avenue to the left of Donaldson Park. HP historian Jeanne Kolva has organized the library’s main hall display case with WCTC memorabilia that illustrates the history of the local station. Some of the items include antique microphones as well as the original Nixon resignation tape broadcasted by the station in 1975, and photos of popular broadcasters, all lent by the radio station. The exhibit also includes music surveys from the 1960s and 1970s from Kolva’s own collection. Kolva has written four books about Highland Park. The display will be available from now until June 30, 2016.

WCTC memorabilia

Objects from Highland Park Historical Society

Objects from the collection of the Highland Park Historical Society will be on exhibit in the Main Hall Display case at the Highland Park Public Library from May 1 through May 31.

The objects are from the earliest days when the borough was still referred to as East New Brunswick to its recent past. You can view the first yearbook from the high school published in 1938, a primer, High on a Hill, used in the first Highland Park classroom, photos, commemorative pot holders, cups, key chains and pencils.

“This exhibit gives you local history through objects and the objects each tell a story,” Gail Alterman, a Historical Society member and exhibit creator, said.

One group of photos from 1902 chronicle the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge over the Raritan River.

“I can see that bridge from my window and I love looking at these photos of its being built,” Barbara Fischer, another Historical Society member and one of the exhibits creators, said.

If you have objects pertaining to the history of Highland Park or if you would like to join the Highland Park Historical Society please contact them at highlandparkhistory [at] Membership information is also available on their Facebook page.

Highland Park Historical Society May 2015 exhibit