Gratitute Project in Highland Park

The Gratitude Project, variations of which are held in several communities in New Jersey, started on October 27 and continues for 33 days. The idea is write a message of gratitude and hung in a public place. One of the participating places in Highland Park is the library.


gratitude project

gratitude project in Highland Park Public Library

Strategic Plan

Highland Park Public Library Strategic Plan 2012-15

We are proud to share our vision of the future Highland Park Public Library. There is no doubt that the Highland Park Public Library, along with every other library in New Jersey, will change dramatically in the next 5 to 10 years. Current trends indicate that library use will continue to grow as people continue to rely on libraries for current technology, content distribution, and content creation, as well as their expectation that the libraries will serve as social gathering spaces, learning and literacy centers, and place for civil engagement.

See our strategic plan.