Ceramics and Paintings by Eva Hui Cheng

Eva Hui Cheng is displaying her ceramics and abstract paintings at the Highland Park Public Library in the meeting room and in the front hall display case through the month of February 2016.

“I use color to express my feelings, “ Cheng said. “Oil paintings are therefore a useful tool for releasing my distress and anxieties onto a canvas. Usually when I finish a painting, my world becomes calm and I can face a brand new day”.

Cheng has displayed her artwork in café and galleries in the area. The Edison resident also likes to craft ceramics.

“It is through ceramics that I have learned nothing is under your control,” Cheng said. “You can only accept what comes, admire whatever shape of pot, vase or plate comes out from the kiln”.

Ceramics by Eva Hui Cheng

painting by Eva Hui Cheng