E. Carol O’Neill – Collage 2012: New Works

New Yorker collage

O'Neill collage
E. Carol O’Neill will be exhibiting her new show, Collage 2012: New Works, through the month of October at library.

Photos, copies of photos, ribbons, and magazine pages all find their way into O’Neill’s collages.

“The collages are inspired by magazine pages and hand-made papers from countries all around the world,” said O’Neill. “Some of the latest pieces are based on old photos of Africa and Afghanistan.”

According to the Highland Park artist, her work is mainly abstract, she does use realistic subject matter such as architecture, religious symbols and cultural images. Popsicles have even found a place in her complex, layered pieces.

O’Neill had her first solo show at the Highland Park Public Library in October 2006. She won first place in Piscataway’s Annual Art Contest in 2009 and 2011. O’Neill is a member of the Highland park Arts Collective since 2010.
O'Neill collage