Highland Park Author Sesh Venugopal

The Blind Spot
Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 7:15 pm
Sesh Venugopal

The novel, The Blind Spot, follows Krishna, who grew up in Mumbai and in his youth takes off for America after committing a number of mistakes, one of which is leaving an unborn son. In further defiance of his cultural upbringing, he marries a white Christian woman and together they have Sam. Cut off from his origins, Krishna is determined to build a new life. A nasty turn of events draws his two sons together for an explosive confrontation in Mumbai during the terror attacks of 2008. Betrayal and banishment are key themes that run through this contemporary family saga.Venugopal will give us the back story to the writing and the self publishing of this novel as a kindle edition. Venugopal’s novel will appeal to those who enjoyed Cutting For Stone and The Kite Runner.