Creative Writing Workshop

Writer and Teacher Elizabeth Pallitto
Sunday, January 28, 2018, 1:30 pm

This creative writing workshop is designed to help writers unblock and unearth the poetry and stories within by providing structure, positive feedback, and a supportive atmosphere. Instruction includes useful techniques for journal writing, editing, and submitting work for publication. Elizabeth Pallitto (MFA, PhD) has taught Creative Writing at Rutgers, Boston University, and Bosporus University in Istanbul. She also has published poetry in North American Review, Fox Chase, and other journals, and translations in anthologies. She is the editor of Leaves of Autumn, an anthology of writing by seniors. Her first book, Sweet Fire: Tullia d’Aragona’s Poetry of Dialogue, published in 2007, received major critical acclaim. Her book of poetry, Mythography, is forthcoming from Epos Press.