Klezmer Concert with Tsu Fil Duvids (Too Many Daves)

Klezmer Concert
Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 7:00 pm

Tsu Fil Duvids (Yiddish for “Too Many Daves”) is a klezmer ensemble based in central NJ with nine participating musicians. The ensemble rarely performs with all nine. The ensemble is comprised of Dave Goldfarb on clarinet, Dave Schiff on Bass, Dave Schlossberg on piano, Rob (Dave) Lowe on violin, Asher (Dave) Siebert on trumpet, Bill (Dave) Selden on accordion, Richard (Dave) Buchbinder on melodica and keyboards, Mike (Dave) Santoro on trombone, and Beverly (Davida) Novick on drums. The group’s repertoire includes traditional tunes from Eastern Europe, American klezmer and Yiddish melodies. In addition to playing at simchas (Jewish celebrations), Tsu Fil Duvids has performed concerts at synagogues in the tri-state area and has been heard at Limmud Learningfests in NY & Philadelphia, the Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick, the Marasco Center in Monroe, the Rejoice Festival of Jewish Music in South Brunswick and the JetLag Festival in the Catskills. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.