Hanging in There: Art Show by a Daughter and Her Father

A very unique father and daughter art show will be exhibited at the Highland Park Public Library from August 3 until August 31, 2019. Hanging in There: Drawings & Paintings by Joyce Mo, daughter and Poetry & Calligraphy by Z. Mo, Father, will be displayed in the meeting room.

The opening reception for the daughter and father art show and Mo’s poetry reading will be held on Saturday, August 3 at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM in the meeting room. Joyce Mo (莫乔希) is a student at Highland Park High School entering 12th grade. Her interest in art piqued during the free-draw activities in her kindergarten class.

“For me, the process of creating was and remains the most enticing aspect, “ Joyce said. She has studied art at the Academy of Art of Highland Park since 2010. She now works as a teaching assistant at the Academy. She has exhibited at the Water is Life Gallery, Museum of Radiant Peace, and published in the Celebrating Art Artists Book. In addition to exploring the world of calligraphy from her father, Joyce primarily uses watercolors, charcoal, oil paint, and colored pencils.

Joyce’s father, Zeqian Mo (莫泽乾,Mo Lao Mo莫老莫, Shiquan Mo莫石泉), is a biologist, Chinese calligrapher and poet. He has been practicing Chinese calligraphy & seal carving (zhuanke篆刻) for many years under Master Yuxiang Zhang (张羽翔), Hong Huang (黄泓) and others. He has had calligraphy and seal carving work exhibited at Guangxi Museum and won prizes in China.

“I have started pondering about life, humanity and nature since I was a kid” Mo said. “I put thoughts into words through poetry that are also visual art.”

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