Highland Park High School students create found art

Highland Park High School students from Sarah Grunstein’s art classes will be exhibiting recycled art at the Highland Park Public Library, 31 North Fifth Avenue, from Monday, August 1 through Wednesday, August 31.The sculptures will be in the Main Hall Display Case.

Through a generous grant from the Highland Park Education Foundation, the Highland Park High School sculpture classes embarked on a Watershed Sculpture Project in conjunction with CoLab, a New Brunswick based arts organization, and The Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership (LRWP).

Students first learned from LRWP about the local watershed and threats facing it before participating, with the high school Marine Biology classes, in a watershed cleanup of The Meadows in Highland Park.

Students were then challenged to create found object sculpture out of the retrieved items, creating sculptures of creatures and wildlife that should be found in a watershed out of things that should not.

In total, 14 contractor size bags of recyclables and 9 bags of garbage were removed from the riverbank.

sculpture by student of Sarah Grunstein