Highland Park Municipal ID Card

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The Highland Park Municipal ID program is part of the Borough’s inclusive community efforts, and to ensure that every resident feels safe and welcome when interacting with any aspect of our municipal government, as well as when participating in Borough programs and utilizing services. All municipal agencies, including the library, accept the Highland Park Municipal ID card as primary proof of residency and identity. ID cards are valid for two years from the time of issuance.

Residents of Highland Park may obtain a municipal ID card by appointment only at Highland Park Public Library (31 North Fifth Avenue). All applicants must be a resident of the Borough of Highland Park (see information about proof of identity and residency below), and must be at least 14 years old. Minors (under the age of 18) must have a parent/guardian who can show proof of relationship.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Identification Card Application Form.
  • Collect documentation for both proof of identity (4 points) and residency (2 points) from the categories listed below.
  • Present application and documentation at the library by appointment (call 732-572-2750 to schedule your visit)
  • Once application is approved, remit payment in the amount of $15 for adults or $7 seniors, veterans, children (ages 14-17). Payment is accepted by cash or check. If payment is a hardship, you may request a waiver.

Six Point Verification System

  • Applicants must have at least four (4) points proving identity and two (2) points proving residency.
  • Applicants must provide at least one unique form of documentation for identity and for residency.
  • All documents must be originals. If expired, said expiration must be two years or less from the date of presentation.

Proof of Identity (4 points)

Four (4) Point Documents

  • U.S. State Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit Photo ID
  • U.S. State Identification Card
  • Proof of a minor enrolled in Highland Park public or private school (Minor’s ONLY)
  • Three (3) Point Documents
  • Consular ID Card with photograph
  • VISA (current) or current U.S. Work Permit
  • National Identification Card (must have photo, name, address, date of birth and expiration date)
  • Birth Certificate (U.S.)
  • U.S. Permanent resident (Green Card)
  • U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Certificate
  • State Veterans ID with photo
  • U.S. Military Identification Card
  • U.S. or Foreign Passport
  • Two (2) Point Documents
  • Foreign Driver’s License
  • Foreign Military Identification Card with photo
  • Birth Certificate (Foreign)
  • N.J. Valid Auto Registration
  • One (1) Point Documents
  • ITIN Card (must be accompanied by an ID with a photo)
  • Social Security Card
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card
  • High School or College Diploma
  • Voter Registration Card

Proof of Residency (2 points)

Four (4) Point Documents

  • New Jersey Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit Photo ID
  • New Jersey Identification Card

Two (2) Point Documents

  • Utility bill with name and address
  • Cable bill
  • Auto Insurance Card
  • Residential lease
  • Report Card from Local School District

One (1) Point Documents

  • Insurance bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Employment Pay Stub
  • Local property tax statement
  • Income Tax filing form (1 year)
  • Original documents from any local, state or federal
  • Government agency

See also: www.hpboro.com/i-want-to/apply-for/municipal-id

Ordinance information: https://ecode360.com/32183416