Modern Art Paintings by Horowitz and Nepomich

Dance Hall
Dance Hall

Jonathan Horowitz of PAZ culture system, and Michael Nepomich, a Master of Fine Arts student at Mason Gross are presenting Modern Art, an exhibit of paintings exploring similar themes with color, form and theory. The exhibit will be in the Main Hall Display Case at the Highland Park Public Library, 31 North Fifth Avenue through September.

“We examine the relationship between sign and signifier, trying to figure out where ambiguous symbols gain their meaning,” Horowitz said. “Specifically, we try to understand the role collective memory plays in establishing significance of symbols. I pull a lot from my Linguistics and literary criticism background to help form a rigorous theoretical foundation, while Nepomich supplies his formal art education. Specifically I would like to show a series of drawings that I consider “translations” of works (including books) which have shaped my artistic sensibilities.”