See Technology Lending Policies

Material Type Loan Period Renewals Borrowers Holds
New Adult Fiction & Nonfiction Books 14 days 2 anyone allowed
Adult Materials (books, magazines, audiobooks) 21 days 2 anyone allowed
Teen & Juvenile Materials (all books, magazines, audiobooks) 21 days 2 anyone allowed
New DVDs (limit 2/card) 3 days 0 anyone allowed
New TV Series (limit 2/card) 7 days 0 anyone allowed
DVDs & TV Series 7 days 1 anyone allowed
Jigsaw Puzzles 21 days 1 anyone not allowed
Inter-Library Loans 21 days subject to home library HPPL only not allowed


Additional Charges Fee
Paid Membership Library Card $75 annually
Replacement for

Lost Library Card

Replacement cost of items not returned or returned damaged dictated by default price of item


For items in the LMxAC catalog, holds are allowed. Holds may be placed in person, by telephone, online, or by using the library app (LMxPress Plus).

Highland Park Public Library can obtain materials from other libraries outside of LMxAC through the statewide Interlibrary Loan service for Highland Park card holders. There is a limit of 3 requests per day for ILL materials. Materials may be subject to their home library’s rules and regulations.


Highland Park Library items eligible for renewal are set up to be renewed automatically. Items with existing holds cannot be renewed.


Most books and media materials may be returned within the Library or in the book drop. Most materials can be returned at any Libraries of Middlesex Automated Consortia (LMxAC) member library. Materials returned at libraries outside of LMxAC will not be removed from your account until they are received at Highland Park Public Library.

Jigsaw puzzles and all technology (see technology lending policy) must be returned inside the Highland Park Public Library.

Lost/damaged fees and refunds

Lost/damaged fees are assessed by Highland Park Public Library. Refunds are only issued for fines and fees if the library determines that payment was in error, or if it is determined that a lost-and-paid item was returned within 30 days of payment.  Receipt is required for refund payment to be processed.

All borrowing privileges will be blocked when fees exceed $10.00.

Effective 2/28/2017; updated and approved by HPPL Board of Trustees June 22, 2020; July 22, 2021; June 22, 2022; December 21, 2022, May 15, 2023