All borrowers must present their library card or valid ID when borrowing physical materials. The fee charged for replacement cards is $1.00.

Anyone, regardless of age, who lives or owns property in Highland Park is eligible for a Highland Park Public Library card and can borrow all lendable materials following the library’s Lending Policies. Privileges must be updated and renewed every three years.

Library cards can be issued in-person or remotely following all established rules and policies.


Proof of residency is required to issue full library card privileges. Valid proof of residency is:

  • Adults: Document that lists name, Highland Park address, and a date (document issued within 3 months or current expiration date) (Examples: current driver’s license with HP address; mail from a bank, utility company or other official organization that is dated and addressed to the individual; current deed or lease agreement or property tax bill showing individual’s name and HP address)
  • Children: Those who are 17 years old and under are able to obtain a library card with a parent who can show valid proof of residency (listed above). Alternatively, children ages 10-17 can show proof of residency using official school documents (i.e. schedule, report card) listing name, address and current date, and are not required to have a parent present.


  • LMxAC Cardholders: Borrowing privileges are available to all individual cardholders libraries participating with the Libraries of Middlesex Automated Consortium; these cardholders must obtain their card at their home library, but most may renew at any member library in accordance with policies.
  • Reciprocal Borrowing: Reciprocal borrowing privileges are extended to those who belong to MURAL libraries. Users must present their home library card and proof of current residency. Users must be determined to be unexpired and in good standing at their home library. Privileges must be renewed each year.
  • Highland Park Students: Those who go to school in Highland Park must show proof of enrollment (such as a dated school ID, schedule or report card) along with proof of current residency and are entitled to the same privileges as residents. All children under the age of 12 must have a parent/guardian who can provide proof of residency. Privileges must be renewed each year. 
  • Highland Park Employees: Those who work in Highland Park must show proof of employment (such as a paystub or dated letter from employer on letterhead, showing an HP address) along with proof of current residency, and are entitled to the same privileges as residents. Privileges must be renewed each year.
  • Temporary and Institutional Accounts: Permitted at the discretion of the Library Director.
  • Property Owners: Those who own property but do not reside in Highland Park must show proof of ownership (such as a deed or tax record) for full resident privileges.
  • Paid Accounts: Non-residents not covered by the above categories may purchase a Highland Park library card with the same privileges as residents for an annual fee of $75.00.
  • Library Staff: Highland Park Library staff are entitled to the same privileges as residents and are excluded from fees associated with borrowing materials (other than being responsible for any fees from lost/damaged materials).

Approved by HPPL Board of Trustees June 22, 2020