Use of Library Facilities

Policy: The Board of Trustees of the Highland Park Public Library adheres to the general policy of making its facilities available to the residents of Highland Park as much as possible with minimal interference with the operation of the Library. Facilities will be made available subject to the regulations listed below:

I. Priority of Use

A. Library activities shall have top priority over any and all requests for use of library property. Permission to use the building or part thereof for any extended period of time shall be subject to cancellation for library programs.

B. Organizations of the Borough Government of Highland Park and the Friends of the Library shall have second priority.

C. All other Highland Park based or affiliated organizations shall have their applications considered in the order received and shall be acted upon in that manner.

D. Library facilities are not available for commercial purposes, solicitation, or for personal gain.

E. Library property shall not be used for any purpose or in any way that is not consistent with the goals of the library.

F. Permission for use of facilities may be withdrawn by the Board of Trustees at any time.

G. Occasional use of meeting room:

The primary purpose of the library meeting room is to provide space for library programs, public meetings, and exhibitions. The room is to be reserved in advance in accordance with the procedures set forth in II, below. At such times that the meeting room is not in use, individuals or groups wishing to make use of it may apply to do so by following the same procedures described below except those procedures requiring advance notice. The decision to use the meeting room for general library use, and the approval for specific individuals or groups of individuals to use the meeting room, are subject to the sole discretion of the staff person then in charge, taking into consideration the numbers and decorum of the persons seeking to use the meeting room, the level of staff supervision then available, and the nature of materials then on exhibit in the meeting room.

H. Use of Tutoring Room

In an effort to accommodate all those desiring to use the tutoring room, the following guidelines will be followed:

1. Registration is requested.

2. Tutors hired by the Board of Education may register to use the tutoring room between 10am and 1pm Monday through Friday. If no one else has registered to use the room at other times, tutors hired by the Board of Education may use it. They may not, however, register to use it at those other times.

3. Volunteer literacy tutors will have first priority to use the room after 1pm.

II. Procedure

A. Applications should be filed at least two weeks in advance of the date requested. A copy of the application will be kept on file at the library. Schedules will be prepared for one month at a time. Organizations regularly meeting at a certain time should understand that the library cannot guarantee availability for periods longer than one month at a time.

B. Applications must list all facilities, equipment, personnel, date, and time needed.

1. A piano is available but piano tuning is not the responsibility of the library. Anyone who wants to have the piano tuned must do so at his/her own expense and use a piano tuner approved by the library. Contact the library administration for a list of piano tuners.

C. Custodial service will be the responsibility of any group requesting the use of the facility. Written instructions as to what is expected will be made available to each applicant.

1. This will include setting up chairs and tables where necessary and returning them to their original position.

2. If the kitchen facility is used, it must be cleaned at the conclusion of the event.

3. Library staff will not be available after the library closes. In the event that a meeting or program is to extend beyond that time, the applicant must be responsible for securing the building after use and must be instructed in how to do so well in advance of the meeting or program.

4. Use of unauthorized equipment is forbidden. The applicant shall clear the facility of any decorations, special equipment, etc. brought in by the organization.

5. Storage within the library is not available for organizations using the facility.

6. Unauthorized moving of library furniture or equipment is prohibited.

7. All organizations shall be subject to whatever fees are necessary for janitorial or custodial services if the facility is not left in satisfactory condition. Failure to leave the facility in satisfactory condition may be cause for denial of future requests from the organization.

D. Organizations using library property shall be responsible for all breakage caused by its members or persons attending the function under its sponsorship, and shall pay for all breakage or loss of equipment and damage to buildings, grounds, or equipment.

E. There shall be no parking on library property except as existing regulations permit.

F. Changing equipment, electrical adjustments, or driving nails is prohibited.

G. Smoking is prohibited.

H. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

I. Adequate supervision, including police protection whenever necessary, must be supplied by the organization. The Director of the Library shall determine when such supervision is necessary.

J. All organizations shall be subject to whatever personnel fees are necessary to cover security, including the presence of a member of the library staff.

K. All activities must take place during library hours unless special permission is granted by the Director of the Library.

L. Library facilities may not be used for private parties or functions.

M. Permission for use of library facilities does not in any way mean the library endorses the beliefs or opinions of the organization.

See Meeting room reservations.
Adopted October 27, 2014