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Library Cards

All Highland Park residents are entitled to a library card.
All patrons must present their library card when checking out library items.
Requirements for a library card are:

  • proof of residence
  • name of reference
  • parent’s signature for children under fourteen
Residents’ cards expire every three years.

Non-Resident Library Policies

People who live elsewhere but teach in the Highland Park school system, go to school in Highland Park, own property in Highland Park, or work in Highland Park are also entitled to library cards, based on the Verification of Residence guides below.

Non-residents not covered by the above categories must purchase a library card for an annual fee of $75.00 per family.


  1. Adults, ages eighteen and older, must show proof of residence in Highland Park. Acceptable proofs of residence include a driver’s license, telephone bill, lease, deed, gas and electric bill, or phone listing as verified by the telephone company.
  2. High School students, ages seventeen and under, must show their Highland Park High School identification card and have their application cards signed by a parent or legal guardian. Students who attend private schools must show other proof of residence.
  3. Children in grades eight and under must have their application cards signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Teachers in the Highland Park School District who do not live in Highland Park must show proof of employment in the school system – a paycheck stub, ID card, or other acceptable proof. Their cards must be renewed every year.
  5. People who own property or a business in Highland Park are entitled to library cards with the same rights and privileges as residents. Proof of ownership must be shown – a deed, tax record, or other acceptable proof.