Strangeness: Acrylic Paintings by Jessica Wu

Strangeness: Acrylic Paintings by Jessica Wu will be on exhibit in the meeting room at the Highland Park Public Library from November 1 through November 29, 2019. The exhibit is a collection of acrylic pieces on canvas frames.

“The paintings depict many strange images I have in my head, hence the title,” Jessica Wu, a Highland Park High School student said. “The inspiration mostly comes from visuals in my everyday life, like dumplings and tree stumps, but in my dreams and in my imagination, there is always a story behind it. There is always a different perspective we can see objects with. And I like showing that through painting. There are surprises and depth in even the most mundane of objects.”

Her artwork has been displayed in exhibitions such as Sharron’s Art Center’s group exhibitions in 2017-2018 and the 11th annual Highland Park Open Studios exhibition. She has also worked on public art projects such as “No Human Beings are Illegal” and “Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s rights”, which are indoor murals in the HP middle school and high school buildings. She also participated in “The Language Project” hosted by Metuchen Downtown Alliance Public Art and designed an Adirondack chair to display outdoors.

Currently, Wu is in the process of designing an outdoor mural at All Colors Inc., to be painted at the entrance of town in celebration of Highland Park’s cultural diversity.

Jessica Wu - paintings