Technology Lending Agreement


By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have borrowed and am responsible for a technology item: Laptop / Hotspot / iPad from the Highland Park Public Library.


    1. I am responsible for the item as long as it is checked out to me (14 days).
    2. I will not loan the item to anyone else.
    3. I will not tamper with the item’s hardware or software.
    4. I will not expose the item to damaging conditions, including but not limited to:
      1. Using the item outdoors in wet or cold weather
      2. Exposing the item to water or moisture
      3. Leaving the item in a hot vehicle or otherwise exposing to extreme temperatures
      4. Allowing others to damage the item
      5. Dropping the item
      6. Any other conditions that are likely to lead to damage or malfunction
    5. I will immediately report any loss, damage, or malfunction of the item to library staff (email or call 732-572-2750 ext. 1103).
    6. I agree to pay overdue fines if I return the item after the due date:
      1. Laptop overdue fine: $5.00/day
      2. Hotspot overdue fine:  $1.00/day
      3. iPad overdue fine: $5.00/day
    7. I agree to pay all costs associated with the damage to, tampering with, loss of, or theft of the item. I agree to pay the replacement fee for the item:
      1. Laptop replacement fee:
        1. Laptop: $400
        2. Charging adapter: $15
        3. Carrying case: $25
        4. Wireless mouse with battery and dongle: $10
        5. Entire kit: $450
      2. Hotspot replacement fee:
        1. T-Mobile T9 Franklin Mobile Hotspot: $100
        2. Charging adapter: $15
        3. Carrying case: $10
        4. Entire kit: $125
      3. iPad replacement fee:
        1. iPad: $375
        2. Otterbox case: $30
        3. Charger: $20
        4. Earpods: $15
        5. Carrying case: $10
        6. Entire kit: $450
    8. There is a limit of one of each type of item per household.
    9. Highland Park Public Library is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expenses resulting in the use or misuse of the devices or any data loss resulting in the use of our devices.
    10. While the Library does not track internet usage, patrons are prohibited from using devices for any illegal activities. The Library is not responsible for information accessed using this device or for personal information shared over the Internet. Engaging in behavior meant to cause harm to another individual, such as cyberbullying, or use of a device to access websites which are illegal or contain illegal content will result in loss of borrowing privileges and possible notification to law enforcement. Any actions that lead to criminal prosecution are the responsibility of the borrower, not Highland Park Public Library.
    11. Hotspot-specific information:
  • Data usage is unlimited, but the device can only be used in the U.S. There is no international data or roaming. The coverage area is the T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage area.
  • Do not leave the hotspot plugged in. Once it is fully charged, unplug it and let the battery run down before charging again. Please return the hotspot fully charged.
  • An overdue hotspot device will be deactivated, rendering the service unusable.


By signing below, I certify that I have read, understand, and accept all of the terms and conditions stated above and also in our posted Lending Policies.


Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________





Patron name (print): ___________________________


Library card number: 29301000_______________________________

Phone number: ____________________________

Alternate phone number (required): _______________________


Today’s Date:


Technology item number and barcode: Laptop/Hotspot/iPad #_____, barcode ______________


Staff member’s initials: ______________________



When item is returned:

  1. Check for all pieces. Are all parts present?   Yes/No
    1. Laptop:
    2. Hotspot:
    3. iPad


  1. Date returned: ________________


  1. Staff member’s initials: ___________