Winter Landscapes: Watercolors by Erich Edelmaier

Eva Love’s father, Erich Edelmaier, was the owner of a local grocery store in a village near Vienna, Austria. He was such a devoted businessman, he had little time to paint, a hobby that became a passion for him. Landscapes: Watercolors by Erich Edelmaier, is a very special exhibit of gifts he gave to his family. The exhibit of quaint village life depicted in each painting is on display at the Highland Park Public Library, 31 North Fifth Avenue, in the Main Hall Display case, throughout the month of December 2018.

“On any special occasion, whether it was a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, we all could count on getting an Erich Edelmaier original and the envelopes were always opened with great anticipation and the cards became treasured family heirlooms,” Eva Love, his daughter said. “I had told my father about exhibiting his cards here at our library and he was touched to hear that. Unfortunately he passed away before he could see it. I am proud to share his work with you.”

Erich Edelmaier, a prolific self- taught artist, also painted in oils, pastels, and acrylics.

Erich Edelmaier painting